Oğuz Tekstil

Our Business Policy

In order to create a safer and healthier work environment for OĞUZ TEKSTİL employees, customers, suppliers, to prevent injuries and health deterioration, to achieve the ideal of 0 occupational accidents, to protect the environment we live in and to prevent and improve pollution;Complies with the compliance obligations related to Occupational Health Safety and Environmental Protection,
Minimizes the risks by always determining the dangers that may come to the environment and human health and taking the necessary precautions,
It tries to minimize the wastes generated and ensures the disposal of the wastes that cannot be prevented in a way that does not harm the nature,
By sharing the environmental awareness and our efforts to protect the environment with our employees, customers and suppliers, providing training that develops according to the needs to increase environmental awareness,
It constantly monitors the system and activities it has established and keeps it open to the supervision of related parties;
It adopts a management system based on the principles of continuous improvement and is committed to realization.